A Healthy LIFE

Since the 2011 LIFE Study, community members and leaders have maintained very positive views about the overall quality of health care in the area, which is shown in Figure 1.

In 2011, 86% of leaders rated Brown County’s health care quality as excellent or good. In 2016, that number increased slightly to 89%. Among community members, there were also exceptionally positive assessments about health care quality in the area. In 2011, 86% of community members rated the quality of health care as excellent or good. That number was very similar in 2016 (82%).

A number of challenges still exist. In 2014, Brown County’s rate of binge drinking among adults (26%) was higher than the national average (16%). Brown County’s rate of binge drinking increased from 23% of adults in 2011 to 26% of adults in 2014.

When asked to rate Brown County as a place that promotes the responsible use of alcohol by residents, community members had mixed views. In 2011, 42% of people rated Brown County as excellent or good on this issue.

At the same time, 52% of people rated Brown County as fair or poor on promoting responsible alcohol use. Those numbers remained nearly identical in the 2016 survey, as Figure 2 illustrates.

Figure 3 provides an overview of the leading indicators for the health sector. There has been improvement in the county’s overall health ranking. A number of indicators remained at a fair or poor rating. There has been little change in the number of births to mothers who obtained prenatal care.

In addition, three indicators, the child poverty rate, binge drinking rate among adults, and the percent of adults who are obese or overweight, have either remained at the same level or have worsened over the past several years.