LIFE of Learning

There are a number of positive features of Brown County’s education system and a number of potential concerns.

According to data from the community and leader surveys, 73% of community members reported that the overall quality of public K-12 education was excellent/good in 2016 (Figure 1). This is nearly identical to the data collected in 2011.

The percentage of leaders in Brown County who rated the quality of public K-12 education as excellent/good (in both 2011 and 2016) was greater than that of community members at 87%.

There are some important gaps in achievement in Brown County when students are broken down by their economic status. According to data from 2015-2016 (shown in Figure 2), only 27.95% of economically disadvantaged 3rd grade students were proficient on the English/Language Arts portion of the Wisconsin Forward Exam. Among those students who were not economically disadvantaged, the percentage who were proficient was significantly higher at 49.92%. The achievement gap in Brown County is greater than that of Wisconsin.

Figure 3 provides a look at the five leading indicators for the LIFE of Learning section. Three of the indicators (attendance rates of 5th grade students, reading proficiency of 3rd grade students, and math achievement of 8th grade students) are characterized by stability over time.

The high school graduation rate has improved in Brown County in recent years, the number of library transactions per person decreased in Brown County (and the state of Wisconsin). In 2010 there were 9.7 library transactions per person in Brown County as compared to 7.6 transactions per person in 2014.